Sea Organ in Zadar

Sea Organ is situated near the new cruiser port, as a part of Zadar´s Riva, and can be observed as a differently shaped part of the coast which consists of several stairs that descend into the sea

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The Greeting to the Sun Zadar

After the world-known Sea Organs, Zadar has become wealthier with one more urban installation. On Istarska obala, at the very end of the Zadar peninsula, next to the famous Sea Organs, shines the Greeting to the Sun

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The Forum

The Forum Located in front of the church of Saint Donat and the Archbishop’s Palace. It is a municipal square from the Roman era, built from the 1st century BC to the 3rd century AD. It is a must see place in Zadar.

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People´s Square

Narodni trg is the centre of public life in Zadar from the Renaissance until today. On the site of the Large Square, platea magna, the foundations of municipal institutions were laid in the early Middle Ages.

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Five Wells Square

Five Wells Square The Square is located on a site between the medieval City Walls and the Renaissance bastion Grimani, where the oldest park in Croatia is located. The Square features exactly what its name suggests – five wells lined up in a row.

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Kalelarga, also known as the Wide Street, is the main and most famous street in the city of Zadar. Some people say it is even older than the city itself, spreading in the direction west – east from People´s Square to the city’s famous Forum.

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In the Zadar nucleus traces of the past are everywhere: walls, towers, imposing gates… The most striking among the towers is Kapetanova kula (Captain’s Tower), while among the gates, Kopnena vrata…

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